Friday, 14 August 2009

Tw-it tw-at

If you're a music journalist, watch out - Calvin Harris doesn't like you. In fact, he's pretty darn mad at you. Well, one of you. Which one of you isn't quite clear, but he's certainly not happy. He's posted about it on Twitter and everything - - so it must be a pretty big deal.

There are several things which spring to mind upon reading Harris's rant, which is spread across several tweets (damn that 140-character limit). Firstly - learn some punctuation, mate; you're making yourself an easy target here. Secondly - putting EVERYTHING IN CAPITALS does not give the impression of shouting; it merely looks like you accidentally hit capslock. A little goes a long way on the internet - bear that in mind.

More importantly, though - who does Harris think he is? He certainly seems to think that he ought to be immune from criticism. I can imagine that it must be irksome to spend "2 years of your life making a record. on your own. every single day, long hours, working to get it sounding right" and to then hear criticism of it, but that's ultimately what he's laid himself open to. If you put something out in the public domain, you're putting it out there to be criticised. There is no record that will be liked by everyone; no matter how good you think your album is, there will be people who disagree with you. Learn to live with it. Welcome to the real world, Calvin.

Okay, so "BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING RICH PEOPLES KIDS there are people who will like the album who wont get the album because they saw a shit review". Which 'RICH PEOPLES KIDS', exactly? I'd love to know who this mystery journalist is, who has slated Harris in such a fashion. Do we know for certain that their parents are genuinely affluent, even? If the commercial concerns of the artist are the prime concern of the reviewer, then there can be no honesty in the criticism; every artist wants to sell, so is this to say that every album should be reviewed in a positive fashion, even if it's not worthy of a good review?

I've not heard Ready for the Weekend yet, and, frankly, the main thing discouraging me from doing so is Harris himself and his attitude. Anybody who lies about their record being lost at an airport simply to buy themself more time needs a reality check - man up and 'fess up. But it's fine, because he gets all the girls, yeah?

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